Message/Greetings from the Clerk of the Course

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Message/Greetings from the Clerk of the Course

Hello everyone.

The first weekend of August is coming and it will bring us Rali Vinho Madeira as is the tradition.

Rali Vinho Madeira is undoubtedly the largest socio-sporting event in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, but it is also top-quality, one of the stars that shine the most in the universe of European rallies, as well as in the national and regional panorama.

It has been a point of reference for many decades, with pilots from several European countries taking part in the event, together with the pilots who compete in the national and regional championships, in a competition that attracts thousands upon thousands of local people who show their support for the drivers and the organization of the rally without measure. After all, it is for them that we also work for, because if without drivers there are no rallies, without an audience there is no show.

Once again we will open the special event at Avenida do Mar, at the end of the afternoon of Thursday, where tens of thousands of motorsport fans are concentrated to cover the four corners of the Island for the next two days, passing through all Municipalities of Madeira, guaranteeing a great show and partying, the party of Madeiran motorsport.

As is also customary, I recommend everyone who will be watching the rally so close to excitement, to do it away from danger and I ask the people of Madeira to show, as always, an exemplary behavior to brighten this event that does not belong to Club Sports Madeira, it belongs to all of Madeira.

Thank you all. Here’s to a great Rali Vinho Madeira 2017.

Pedro Melvill de Araújo