Message/Greetings from the Regional Economy, Tourism and Culture Secretary

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Message/Greetings from the Regional Economy, Tourism and Culture Secretary

Preparations are currently under way in the Region in order to host another edition of the Rali Vinho Madeira. More than just a simple road race, this annual sporting event has become a collective social experience that guarantees fun and excitement while bringing both residents and visitors together.

The commendable efforts undertaken by promoters of this event have contributed to the fact that Madeira Wine Rally is currently the main automotive event in the Region, one of the largest in the country, part of the national and European championship circuit.

Recognized, locally and internationally, for its quality and unique identity, this event is more than just a race, becoming one of the Madeira Islands most authentic expressions of the region’s culture and society, which must be object of preservation, enhancement and value.

It is the committed involvement of the local population at all stages of the rally, from its inaugural opening to its conclusion, that differentiates this competition from others which are promoted nationally and internationally, taking advantage of the qualities of this tourist destination where the local population comes first.

Rali Vinho Madeira is followed with great passion, and also an excellent opportunity for promoting this competition internationally. This event allows not only to promote Madeira Islands and its exuberant landscapes, which are broadcasted to the four corners of the world, but also to highlight the warmth and hospitality for which we are famous. This event brings significant benefits to the regional economy, reinforcing our reputation as a high quality tourist destination.

Our best wishes go to the Organising Committee and all those who have made a contribution to the event, including each of the participants, who will once again make this occasion a memorable event. There is no doubt that this rally will once again live up to its name and bring us together in a celebration of beauty, sports and of the authenticity that make our island so special.


Eduardo Jesus

Regional Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture.