Message from the Clerk of the Course

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Message from the Clerk of the Course

2018 Rali Vinho da Madeira

Initially it was named Volta à Ilha da Madeira, and then, Rali Vinho da Madeira.

Initially, it was a car circuit organized by Club Sports Madeira, and then a Rally bearing the name of Madeira Autonomous Region

This team is, once again, honoured to organize this year’s edition of Rali Vinho da Madeira, the 59th edition, focusing already on next year’s 60th anniversary which matches the 600 Anniversary of the Discovery of Madeira archipelago.

This is an important race within the Portuguese and European championships being part of Madeira Rally championship, Portugal Rally Championship and European Rally Trophy, Iberia area.

It is a famous car race in an Island well known for its warm-hearted hospitality and friendliness that has welcomed some of the most prominent pilots, as for example Jean Pierre Nicolas that last year celebrated the 50th victory anniversary. He was the first foreigner pilot to win the Madeira Island Circuit.

The number of pilots that have participated in this European car race is impressive. Hoping to correspond to a long-lasting heritage, our main concern is to guarantee the quality of the race and to honour the name of Madeira Island. It is essential to count with the support of affectionate. As organizers, we ask you to show your enthusiasm and support but to respect safety instructions.

As the Portuguese poet, Miguel Torga, once said,

«In any adventure, the thrill is to be a part of it, not minding where and how it will end.»

Pedro Melvill de Araújo
Clerk of the Course