Regional Government supports Rally Vinho Madeira

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Regional Government supports Rally Vinho Madeira

Pedro Calado, Vice-president of the Autonomous Government of Madeira, claimed that investment on Rally Vinho Madeira is rewarding to the Region, hence justifying the increase on support agreed to this race.

A reinforcement of 40 to 45 million euros will be given to Club Sports Madeira to acquire equipment that frequently is used by other sports associations around the island. Furthermore, and because Rally Vinho Madeira involves internationally renowned teams, promotion is guaranteed.

In fact, the Vice-President highlighted the impact of this event in local economy clarifying that sponsors which have been supporting the race for more than a decade, confirm the quality of the race.

The new calendar of the race, extended until Sunday, is expected to increase the number of people on the streets and the member of the Government is sure that Madeira pilots can compete in equal terms with international teams.

Pedro Calado ended by saying that next year Club Sports Madeira will commemorate its 110 anniversary whereas Rally Vinho Madeira will be on its 60th edition, adding that is the perfect moment to pay a tribute to this organization which has encouraged not only automobile races but also handball, volleyball and bridge, hence promoting the name of Madeira Island worldwide.