Madeira Legend

Pedro Araújo - Clerk of the Course of Rally Madeira Legend

We will relive the Rali Vinho da Madeira classic stages.

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Eduardo Jesus - Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture

It is crucial to add the Rally Madeira Legend in the events' International calendar.

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Forty drivers confirmed in the Rally Madeira Legend

Just a week for the entries’ deadline of the Rally Madeira Legend, a competition that will hit the roads on the 29th and 30th October, and there are already forty confirmed drivers in the Club Sports da Madeira...

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Alexandre Lourenço brings an Audi to Rally Madeira Legend

The Rally Madeira Legend will have Alexandre Lourenço behind the wheel of an Audi Quattro A2. The driver, teamed up with the co-driver José Lourenço, had his debut in rallies in 1997 with a VW GTi but wasn’t racing until the beginning of the...

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Rui Conceição confirmed in Rally Madeira Legend

Rui Conceição, teamed up with Roberto Fernandes, is confirmed as one of the drivers that will start Rally Madeira Legend, a competition that will be on the road between the 29th and 30th October. Conceição, the 65 years...

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The entries list for the Rally Madeira Legend is open

The entries list for the Rally Madeira Legend can be filled in the FPAK website, starting next 13th September until the 11th October, at 6 p.m. in order to benefit the reduced fee, the registration must be filled in unit the 4th October, at 6 p.m...

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