July 2015

Service Park SP/PA "F"

Declarations of the top five after 11 Stages:

Miguel Nunes: «It has been a very hard fight. Bruno is attacking very strongly, Zé Pedro is also still very close. I did the best I could to overtake Zé, I did it and it's very motivating to finish this day leading. We are the team with the lesser knowledge of the car and knew we had to do a perfect job to finish in this place.Tomorrow will be a hard day for sure.»

Service Park SP/PA "E"

In the fourth of five service parks of the day, all the top five of RVM changed the tyres again, following the pattern of the former passages through the service park. This time, the long talk of Alexandre Camacho and Pedro Calado with their chief of mechanical staff was well remarked.

Super Rally / Rally 2 on Saturday

The regulations include a Super Rally / Rally 2 in the third and last day of RVM.

All the cars that retired during the first leg can take part.

The points received during Super Rally / Rally 2 become bunuses in the classification of the championships where the drivers are entered, but will not be included in RVM overall classification.

To take part, the drivers must inform the RVM organisation until one hour before the publication of the starting list of the second leg, that will take place at 00h32.

Alexandre Camacho: "I am desolated!"

"I am desolated. The puncture, worst than everything, was near the start of the stage, and this made us lose a lot of time. I have been there fifty times and I have never had any puncture. I did it today. It is really bad luck. Now we must fight!" Words of Alexandre Camacho after having dropped from first to seventh pplace after a puncture right at the beginning of SS 8 - o Terreiro da Luta1.

Night stages come back to RVM

In the 56th edition of RVM the night stages are back, starting at 20:53, with three stages: Cidade de Santana 2, Ribeiro Frio 2 and Terreiro da Luta 2, a total of 28 kilometres and 120 metres.

At this time, in service park, everything that is needed to allow the cars to go to the road tonight is being prepared, as the issues concerning the lights.