Bruno Magalhães wins again the RVM and enters the winners top

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Bruno Magalhães wins again the RVM and enters the winners top

In the last five years, Bruno Magalhães won four times Rali Vinho Madeira, the same number of triumphs as the victories recormen in RVM: Giandomenico Basso, Andrea Aghini and Américo Nunes.

Driving a Peugeot 208 T16, the portuguese driver was the fastest in 2015 edition of the madeiran event, finishing with the time of hours, thanks to the very strong pace he was able to keep during the last half of the rally. Magalhães, who had a 16 seconds delay to the leader due to a lack of power of the car, ended yesterday 5.2 seconds behind Miguel Nunes who started today in the leadership.

Today, he won two stages and his times helped him climb to the first place, where he remained until the end.

Miguel Nunes, best madeiran repeats 2014 place
Miguel Nunes was leading but was not able to keep the place. Anyway, the driver from Faial gets an excellent result, finishing just 5.2 seconds behind the winner ( the same place as last year, being the best madeiran once again in Rali Vinho Madeira. A second place that is more important having in mind that Nunes had no competition for nine monthes and was driving the Ford Fiesta R5 for the first time.

“The second place and best madeiran is a good consolation gift. We were without competition for too long”, stressed the driver after the race.

José Pedro Fontes is the new leader of the National Rallies Championship
Closing the podium was José Pedro Fontes, who gets a brilliant result in Madeira with 2:13:21.4 hours. Besides the third place, the Citroen DS3 R5 driver became the leader of the National Rallies Championship, taking that place away from the azorean Ricardo Moura who retired due to his accident, fortunately with no harm for the team, despite the Ford Fiesta R5 having been totally destroyed. Moura goes down to the second place of the Championship, with João Barros remaining in third.

“We reached the leadership of the National Championship, it was the reward we were looking for. It was bad what happened to Ricardo Moura, but we did a strong come back and reached our goal. In this rally, we tryed to fight for the victory, but wanted to run no risks. Next year we will try again”, said José Pedro Fontes.

Alexandre Camacho first place in Madeira Rallies Championship stronger
After the puncture on friday, today, Alexandre Camacho reached a great level on the madeiran roads, being able to win four stages, becoming thus fourth overall with hours, strengthening his leadership of the Madeira rallies Championship.

“Apart from the puncture all went well. We were able to reduce our delay of the eve, and that means we were fast and had a good pace. I want to thank all the fans on the road and all thoso who sent messages, for the support we felt”, stressed the leader of the Regional Championship.

A remark for the fact that Filipe Pires is now a stronger second, having Duarte Ramos climbed to the third place.

Closing top five of Rali Vinho Madeira was the rookie Robert Consani driving a Citroen DS3 R5, with a total time of hours.
“I am happy to have reached the end of the rally. I was very surprised for the excellent wellcome of the fans. I wanted a placed on the podium, but yesterday had several problems in the car and could only get to the fifth place. The organisation was wonderful. I hope I will come back to Rali Vinho Madeira”, said the italian-frenchman.