Belgian Team initiates RALIVM2019 Entry List

The Belgian Team Wagemans/Geerland w as the first to register its the entry for RALIVM2019....

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Pedro Calado: RALIVM Is More Than a Motorsport Event

O Vice-Presidente do Governo Regional, Pedro Calado considera o Rali Vinho Madeira muito mais do que um evento desportivo.

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Island Tour - 60 years of Rali Vinho Madeira

Historical routes around the island on the itinerary of the Edition commemorating the 60 years of the Rali Vinho Madeira.

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RALIVM 2019 Official Press Conference

The Rali Vinho da Madeira Organizing Committee has the pleasure to invite representatives of mass media to participate at the Official Presentation of the Rali Vinho da Madeira 2019.

This press conference will take place at the Club...

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Rali Vinho Madeira commemorates 60 years.

This year, Rali Vinho Madeira commemorate it's 60th edition. The organising club, Club Sports da Madeira, the oldest Sport Organisation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, celebrates its 110th anniversary.

This year, the Rali Vinho...

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