Info 2

Between TC 12 and TC13, competitor no. 17, Joachim Wagemans, exceeded the 15 minutes day allowed. As per consequence the driver got excluded from the Start List for Section 7.

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Alexandre Camacho consolidates leadership

With the accomplishment of the previous to last section and with four Special Stages to go until the end of the Rally Vinho Madeira, Alexandre Camacho is becoming, more and...

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Info Special Stage 12

The Special Stage 12 of Câmara de Lobos 1 was interrupted due to an obstruction on the path, after the accident between the vehicles of competitors 7 and 17. All competitios who finished the stage will be awarded...

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Retirements - Special Stage 12

7 - Giandomenico Basso/ Lorenzo Granai: Accident

17 - Joachim Wagemans/ Francois Geerlandt: Accident

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