Madeira Legend

Wolf Dieter-Ihle - Rally Madeira Legend Startline

“First of all, have fun! "The stages are fantastic and very famous, as they are the same as in Rali Vinho da Madeira”

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Rui Conceição/ Roberto Fernandes - Rally Madeira Legend Startline

“We were champions 25 years ago, we hope that we will have a great rally today”..

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Rui Ribeiro - Rally Madeira Legend Startline

“It is a pleasure to bring this rally car back to Madeira, keeping the promise I made to Janica Clemente”.

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José Paulo Fontes - Rally Madeira Legend Startline

“We are reliving the old days, a golden time of motorsports in Madeira”

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Miguel Albuquerque - Rally Madeira Legend Startline

"In my opinion, this edition will be a huge success, as the rally cars are outstanding."

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Gil Freitas is leading the Rally Madeira Legend

With the end of the first stage of Rally Madeira Legend, the double passage through a timed section of Palheiro Ferreiro with many spectators, Gil Freitas with a Subaru Impreza S14 WRC is leading the...

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