How do the championships stand?*

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How do the championships stand?*

FIA ERT Iberian Rally Trophy

1st Miguel Correia, 45; 2nd Armindo Araújo, 43; 3rd José Pedro Fontes, 40; 4th Alexandre Camacho and Pepe Lopez, 30; 6th Miguel Nunes, Ivan Ares and Paulo Meireles, 24; 9th Bruno Magalhães and Efren Llarena, 21.

Portuguese Rally Championship

1st Armindo Araújo, 142; 2nd Miguel Correia, 118; 3rd José Pedro Fontes, 105; 4th Bruno Magalhães, 71; 5th Ricardo Teodósio, 52; 6th Pedro Almeida, 33; 7th Paulo Neto, 32; 8th Pedro Meireles, 28; 9th Ricardo Moura, 28; 10th Paulo Caldeira, 24.

Madeira CORAL Rally Championship

1st Miguel Nunes, 125; 2nd Alexandre Camacho, 92; 3rd Filipe Freitas, 65; 4th Paulo Mendes, 57; 5th Pedro Paixão, 37; 6th José Camacho, 34; 7th Gil Freitas, 33; 8th Dinarte Baptista, 32; 9th Vítor Sá, 30; 10th Miguel Caires, 28.


* Unofficial classification and merely informative