What the first ones said

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What the first ones said

What the first ones said
Alexandre Camacho, 1st place

"I have the feeling of mission accomplished, with perseverance and resilience. We are very happy for this victory and to be the first to win this competition five times. In this rally I never thought about the championship, our big goal was really the triumph."
Miguel Nunes, 2nd place
"This result feels good although I could never imagine that this position could make me satisfied. We had a difficult first day and we are happy with what we achieved today as we won all the special stages of the day. Furthermore, we didn't lose to our opponents in championship points and this is an important step towards revalidating the title."

José Pedro Fontes, 3rd place

"It ended up being a satisfactory result despite this not being our goal. We regret the withdrawal of Bruno Magalhães, with whom we were fighting the victory for the national championship. Victory in the CPR and a place on the podium always feels good.

Armindo Araújo, 4th place

"The absolute fourth place, second for the CPR, makes us happy because it also allows us to be closer to our goal for the season, the national title. We already knew that it would be very difficult to fight for the absolute victory, which was at the mercy of the Madeirans. It was a great rally".

Bernardo Sousa, 5th place

"All good. We worked hard for the future, we know our virtues and weaknesses and where we must improve. We rode around 200 kilometres in competition and this will allow us to improve even more for the remaining National Championship."