Alexandre Camacho still leading in the RVM 2018

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Alexandre Camacho still leading in the RVM 2018

The team Alexandre Camacho/Pedro Calado continues unstoppable in the 59th edition RVM.  He has won all the SS in the 5th Section, hence, leading in the overall ranking.

Last year's champion, Alexandre Camacho started off with (00:07:29,0), while Miguel Nunes was only one second behind (00.07:30.0). Miguel Barbosa stole the third-ranking from José Pedro Fontes (00:07:33,9). The  Citroen C3 R5's driver took the 6th  instead, only Pedro Paixão and João Barros did better timings than him. Nonetheless, the overall ranking did not change: Alexandre Camacho leading, followed by Miguel Nunes and José Pedro Fontes.

Giandomenico Basso and Lorenzo Granai were kept out of the last day of the RVM, due to delivery delays of the missing part for the Hyundai i20 R5.

At the SS 13, the trend continued. Alexandre Camacho lead 00:05:09,3, with Miguel Nunes just a bit behind (00:05:11,1). The third place changed again: João Barros took Miguel Barbosa's place, with the timing 00:05:15,5. Miguel Barbosa was in 4th place and José Pedro Fontes 5th. Despite changing spots of the 3rd, the overall did not change. 

In the SS 14 and SS 15, Camacho lead Miguel Nunes following him. In the SS 14 Rui Pinto took the third spot, while in the SS 15 José Pedro Fontes accomplished the mentioned ranking. The timings for SS 14: Alexandre Camacho (00:07:48,6), Miguel Nunes (00:07:50,9), and Rui Pinto (00:07:55,5). For the SS 15 Alexandre Camacho accomplished in 00:07:00,6, Miguel Nunes completed with 00:07:05,9 while José Pedro Fontes finished with 00:07:08,3.

When arriving at Park of Service, Pedro Calado admitted that the pair wanting to win the next four SS. "It is important to keep the concentration and drive fast". I hope the in next round we will leas and that we will celebrate with the Madeiran people" he emphasised. 

Miguel Nunes was 31,9 s behind the leader. He mentioned that it is "a lot of time". It will not be easy to catch up to Alexandre Camacho.  "Our tires are wearing out and they will not take much longer" he confessed.  José Pedro Fontes was not pleased with his ranking “ We already know the final ranking unless something bad happens". "Right now we are just trying to avoid any major problems, it was not the ranking we were hoping for though," he said. 

The 6th section starts at 2:31 pm with SS 16 - Câmara de Lobos 2 and with the same overall ranking: Alexandre Camacho in the leader, Miguel Nunes in the second and  José Pedro Fontes right behind.