Find out who are the pairs in the safety cars

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Find out who are the pairs in the safety cars


The pairs for the zero cars are already defined. The ‘0’ will have Paulo Domingos as the driver and Pedro Rodrigues as co-driver in a  Porsche 911 GT3 991.

The ‘00’ will have David Aguiar and Artur França (BMW M2) and in the ‘000’ will have Miguel Gouveia and Duarte Neves (Fiat 124 Spider).

Michel Belo will be at the sweeping car at this year's edition of RVM. 

Before there is a classification, there are vehicles that try out the route to guarantee the safety of the road and conditions. The first car to test out the route is the police car to see if everybody is in their position of safety. Afterwards, there is a time measurement car driven by the pair (Valdemar Santos/Fátima Bandeira). 

Following this, Filipe Gouveia and Miguel Fernandes will be in Public Information Car to deliver the message to the public warning that the rally is about to start and reminding them of the safety procedure. 

This year's news is the introduction of the SEG1 vehicle which will drive before the ‘000’,  40 minutes prior to the race. The Subaru Impreza's purpose, driven by Ricardo Reis/Marco Leça, is to checklist the operational structure of the road. 

The first zero car to go by is the ‘000’, 30 minutes prior to start the rally to check the trajectories and to see if the public's is compliance with safety rules.  

After, the ‘00’ goes 20 minutes before the first contestant to recheck. The ‘0’ passes through with an increased speed 10 minutes before and gives the final ok to the organization that everything is ready. If there is a problem, it is immediately resolved. In case there is a problem with the last zero car, the substitute car will be a VW Polo G40.