Followers keep track of the teams check-ups

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Followers keep track of the teams check-ups


Many followers kept up with the technical and bureaucratic check-ups of the competing teams. They came to Madeira Tecnopolo to see the rally cars which will be apart of the 59th edition of the Rali Vinho da Madeira. 

While at one of the floors of the building, the vehicles' paperwork was being checked, many spectators watched the cars pass outside before doing their technical check-ups. 

In these check-ups, measures of safety were the priority, such as the gearboxes sealing as well as, turbos and differentials, drivers' suits and helmets. All the contestants were present. Some presented some fixable anomalies, that had to be fixed prior to the shakedown on Friday.    

One of the vehicles also changed category from the VWH (Vehicle without Homologation) to VEH (Vehicle with Expired Homologation). 

Three contestants showed some resistance in removing the second advertisement of both windshields. One car also registered a humid battery in the passenger compartment, which is not allowed. Thus, the contest has until Friday before the shakedown to comply with the regulation.