Madeira's Annual Celebration of Motorsport

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Madeira's Annual Celebration of Motorsport

On behalf of Club Sports Madeira Board and the Organizing Committee of Rali Vinho da Madeira 2018, I welcome you all and wish every success to those who have been accompanying this already historical and outstanding sports event that year after year, promotes this remarkable motoring event in and outside Madeira. Our biggest challenge is to overcome what we have already achieved by putting into each edition a singular “mark” being, simultaneously loyal to a heritage that stands out within the European Championship.

This year’s edition benefits from the sea connection by ferry boat. It is a very significant step, and we are confident that, shortly, there will be the necessary conditions to join FIA Rallies once again, as motivation and quality already abound in the team of C.S. da Madeira. We are confident that institutional support will also be available from both the National and International Federations as well as from the Regional Government and Municipalities.

The Rali Vinho da Madeira is the most significant sports event on the island, and it not only promotes the Madeira Wine but also Madeira as a tourist destination. By racing around every municipality on the island, it not only supports the local economy by bringing a healthy dynamic to hotels, restaurants and so forth, as it involves the entire local population and also tourists, who passionately follow the race on every corner of the island.

In this year’s edition, scoring for the European Rally Trophy – Iberia area and in TER - Tour European Rally and in the National Championship and Madeira Rallies, we decided to maintain the same structure as well as the same programme and itinerary, having, however, changed the date to match the ferry boat schedule. We believe that this will turn out to be an advantage as people are more likely to be able to watch the race since it takes place over the weekend.

Although heritage is a determinant feature in this event, it is essential to innovate and adapt to new circumstances and present times. Therefore, the Podium will move to the People's Square in Funchal, while other types of events will take place at Avenida Arriaga, near the Clube Sports Madeira headquarters.

We are already planning next year’s edition to associate the celebration of the 60th anniversary of “Volta à Ilha da Madeira” with the commemoration of the 600th anniversary of the Discovery of Madeira, hoping to include as many classic cars as we can as a form of highlighting the real impact of Rali Vinho da Madeira throughout generations. 

We thank all the official sponsors who have been long-lasting partners in the organisation of this event, and express our gratitude to every single one who has been willing to collaborate. Without this level of commitment, it would be impossible to bring together the 59th edition of Rali Vinho da Madeira.

We also show our gratitude to the official entities, Sports Judges, teams and drivers, plus the Police and Military Forces who, working together for a long time, have demonstrated not only the real benefits of partnerships but have also illustrated how important this event is to Madeira.

A special thank you to the Organizing Team and to Alfredo Mendonça – the Secretary-General of the Rally, who spends months preparing the logistics and equipment, thus guarantying the superior quality of the race. Note that this team is mainly composed of volunteers, who devote their weekends and their free time to make Rally Vinho da Madeira a prestigious automobile race. We cannot thank them enough for the level of safety and proficiency of Rali Vinho da Madeira.

Once again, we ask every single one to mind security recommendations carefully. The success of Rally Vinho da Madeira also depends on you. We would like you to join us and follow the race, but we want you to do it in safety.

Your support is essential!

This Rally belongs to Madeira Island. We are all part of it.