RaliVM Out of TER Series

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RaliVM Out of TER Series

The Directorate of Club Sports da Madeira and the Organizing Committee of the Rali Vinho Madeira decided not to renew contract signed with the representatives of TER Series –Tour European Rally Series, a private project in Rallying, which aimed to bring together some of the most emblematic international rally events.

The contract with the TER Series organisation was for three years – RaliVM 2016/17/18. Considering that the objectives andtrade-offs which shaped the genesis of the initial integration of RaliVM in this particular series were not minimally met nor fulfilled, the Organization decided to not continue in the Series.

The TER Series, envisioned to be an International Rally Series and promoter of different touristic destinations (Tourism Tour), was not able, in three years, to be integrated and recognised as an FIA Series  – never obtained FIA approval as promised. Also, the TER Series did not promote the destination, Madeira.  If it did, it did it without notifying all Event Organisers in the series, generating content that it would have to contractually and inevitably provide, through various International Media.  As a result, Club Sports da Madeira was unable to inform its main sponsors, namely, the Regional Government of Madeira, regarding the tourism promotion of Madeira and its Motorsport Event.

The main mission of the promoters of this project was also to attract brands, official teams and a big sponsor, facts which can be proven, unfortunately, by the RaliVM18 entry list of foreign drivers plus the lack of interest by any international company in sponsoring this private rallying project, as can be seen noted in the Series official website.

So, as occurred with other prestigious Rally Events, namely, the Ypres Rallye, the Organizing Committee of the Rali Vinho Madeira decided that upon the termination of the contract, not to renew, in the light of the results and visibility obtained for theEvent and Madeira, as a touristic destination, integrated in the Tour European Rally Series - TER. Series.

We would, nevertheless, like to wish every success and sporting successes to this private European Rally Series and its promoters, in the new modes and objectives which they intend to implement to revive the TER Series project.


Funchal, October 12th, 2018

Directorate of C.S. Madeira / Organising Committee of the Rali Vinho Madeira

José Paulo Fontes