RVM 2018 – Same route but new podium at People's Square

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RVM 2018 – Same route but new podium at People's Square

The 59th edition of Rally Vinho Madeira (RVM) scheduled to 3rd, 4th and 5th August maintains the “length, structure and quality” (19th special stages passing through all the municipalities in Madeira) but has moved the podium location to People's Square (Praça do Povo),  explained José Paulo Fontes, President of the Organizing Committee, adding that the historical “Avenida Arriaga” has become limited to welcome this event and that “as the world keeps moving on following its dynamic essence” it is essential to adapt and innovate.

In relation to the changing of the dates of this year’s edition, the President explained that it was important to take advantage of the new connection by ferry boat between the Island and the mainland which facilitates the transportation of the cars. As a consequence, the Rally starts on Friday, August 3rd, with a special race at Avenida do Mar and the organization is convinced that more people will follow the Rally during the weekend.

The Service Park will be located at Avenida Sá Carneiro and due to logistic procedures some cars will be parked on the ground floor at Praça do Mar.

The Organising Committee is already focused on next year’s edition and according to José Paulo Fontes, the idea is to combine the 60th anniversary of the RVM with the celebration of the 600 anniversary of the Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo and “offer two events that illustrate how sports and history are part of Madeira’s identity”.

Registrations are open until July 2nd with a discount but drivers can register until July 18th. José Paulo Fontes confirmed that there are a few drivers registered and that during the following days, contacts will be reinforced always bearing in mind “quality and safety”.

After complimenting the sponsors and all the institutions that support this event, the President of Rally Vinho Madeira, wishing good luck to all the participants “hoped that a festive atmosphere spreads out during these following days”.