RVM e BPI signed the protocol of sponsorship

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RVM e BPI signed the protocol of sponsorship

6k4a8470.jpgThe partnership between the Rali Vinho Madeira (RVM) and the Banco Português de Investimento (BPI), a sponsorship of 20 years that, once more, has been renewed.

This Monday afternoon, in the bank located in Avenida do Infante, the two entities have signed the protocol extending for one more year.

At that time, Miguel Gouveia highlighted that this partnership is already in the BPI’s DNA and that, given the fact that promotes Madeira and its local economy like no other sports event, it deserves all the support.

José Paulo Fontes, RVM organization´s president, underlined the endurance of this partnership “that reveals the historical bond between the two parties, proving the benefits along this two decades, that will certainly prevail”.

The partnership includes the BPI trophy, in which all the signed drivers that advertise the bank in their cars are able to win. The first three in the ranking can win as follows:
1st in the ranking – 3.000 euros
 2nd in the ranking – 2.000 euros
 3rd in the ranking – 1.000 euros

This year, one of the RVM security vehicles will advertise BPI, that will certainly steal the attention of many motorsport fans.