59th edition of Rali Vinho Madeira already with almost 60 entrants

At the end of the deadline for registration with discount, which ran until this Monday, July 2nd, almost 60 entries have been received for the 59th edition do Rali Vinho Madeira.

Registrations are still open, now ineligible to a discount, until July 18th.  The number of entrants will likely increase.

Remember that the Madeira motorsports rally race hits the road August 3, 4 & 5.

Rali Vinho da Madeira is back!

​After much effort, we finally return to provide as much information as possible on this date. From today on we will be very active in updating all the information, in order to keep everyone interested in our event accurately informed with all the official news about the 2018 Rali Vinho da Madeira. We count on your collaboration in order to improve and grow day by day, to meet the real needs of our followers and peak their interested, in what is considered the largest socio and motorsport event held in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

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