What the top 5 winners said

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What the top 5 winners said

Alexandre Camacho: “our effort was rewarded”
 “We accomplished such victory from the bottom to the top. Our effort was rewarded. I would like to express my appreciation to Miguel Nunes, a very strong opponent, as it was so inglorious that his race would end like this. We have both taken many risks and I’ve probably taken even more in order to regain time.

Bruno Magalhães: “A feeling of victory”

“We finish this rally we a feeling of victory, as we have concluded our goals. I have failed in some choices, nevertheless, the car was great and I am thankful to the team for that. I would like to be able to come back to this rally in order to fight for absolute standings”.

José Pedro Fontes: “Best outcome”
“Our outcome has been better than our performance. We would like to have won for the Portuguese Rally championship, and that did not happen. We feel sorry for what happened to Miguel Nunes and I would also like to congratulate 
Alexandre Camacho as well as Bruno Magalhães”.

Pedro Paixão: “A very challenging rally”

“I have no words for how this rally was challenging, filled with drawbacks. It is rewarding to be in the top 5, as we only regained time in the last stage, and we were still able to finish in the fourth place. Despite it all, what we did was very rewarding".

Jan Solans: “I hope we can come back”
“I am very thankful to the team for everything they did for me. We were able to finish in the top 5 standings and that’s excellent, if we consider the fact that this was our debut in the competition and we had to overcome our lack of knowledge of the Island’s roads. I hope I will be back to use this experience” .