Addendum to RaliVM Exit from TER Series

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Addendum to RaliVM Exit from TER Series

1 – We confirm that we, promptly and at the meeting during the RaliVM2018 event, requested for the TER Series promoters duly inform us what were the conditions and fees for the renewal of the contract with Rali Vinho da Madeira to integrate once again in the Rally Series tourism project;

2 – On the part of the TER Series promoters, there has not been, to date, any presentation of concrete and firm proposal regarding the future objectives of this Rally Series, as was requested, nor the delivery of any media metrics nor analysis report on the coverage and international televised broadcasting of Ralivm18;

3 – The Directorate of the Club Sports da Madeira / Organising Committee of RaliVM decided to, therefore, as previously reported, not to renew the contract with TER – European Tour Rally Series.

4 – The 2019 Rali Vinho Madeira, remains in the 2019 FIA Rally Calendar, integrated into the FIA EUROPEAN RALLY TROPHY and FIA IBERIAN RALLY TROPHY, as in previous years.