Around 800 people work together to make RVM a safe racing

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Around 800 people work together to make RVM a safe racing

Security is the keystone in Rali Vinho da Madeira (RVM). Preparation starts months ahead so that every detail is discussed. Therefore, meetings are essential as the one that recently grouped the control managers, the security heads of the special courses and the security stewards.

Luis Madruga, head of the security team, said that between 700 to 800 people work in this area that includes the Police Department, the security directors, firemen, forest guards, city hall among others. “Zero cars” are also vital in this task.

Many collaborators even though on holidays take their time to join the rally. It is the case of Roberto Ramos who has been working for almost ten years as a volunteer. “I like racing” he admits. He first started as a road commissioner and then, after the opportunity to do some training in the control area, he started working in this department.

Roberto Ramos argued that each task demands “extra attention” as the racing is counted by the second and fully concentration is needed. This year he will be placed at the control located at Palheiro Ferreiro, Terreiro da Luta and Ponta do Pargo. “We need to be calm and experience helps a lot as well as following the rules, that are equal albeit the different vehicles and pilots” he explained.

Odílio Freitas is a 20-year collaborator who also started as road commissioner and is presently the head of the circuit. Months before being given the area to control, he starts making recognition thus gathering information about the roads condition and other details that he then discusses with the board.

In my case the “organizing of the circuit is done the day before, we start at 6 a.m. and end no later than 11 or 12 p.m., after placing the barriers and the safety bans with the help of a 10-element team and two cars, he clarified, stressing how demanding is this task.

And why do come every year? “In addition to the atmosphere, the adrenaline and a sense of responsible that is beyond words” he argued.