Massive flow of fans at the Meet and Greet

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Massive flow of fans at the Meet and Greet


Every year, the scenario repeats: an extensive queue is formed of enthusiastic fans who wait for their turn to meet their favourite drivers. Tonight, the Meet and Greet will be again at the Casino da Madeira. Every year Casino da Madeira seems to shrink with the hundreds of fans. 

The extensive line went around the 40 cars exhibited, thus it was necessary to know who was the first in line. The young fan, Francisco Nunes, could not miss the change of getting the autograph of the drivers. Despite his merely 15 years old, for the last 3 years he has attended the Meet and Greet.

"This passion has lasted for a while and it goes from one generation to another. My father has collaborated in Rali Vinho da Madeira and this year he will provide assistance again." Francisco recalled that "ever since he was little" his father would take him to see the rally. Thus, this passion for "machines and races" has been ignited ever since. " I always try to see as many classifications as possible", he added. He also discussed that this year the participants "were very strong" and it was going to be a "fierce competition" until the very end. He also cheekily confessed he would like the podium composed by only Madeiran drivers. 

Right after, the familiar face of António Rodrigues from the report about the arrival of the last set of rally cars at port of Funchal. He expressed he could not miss the chance of going to the event to support his favourite drivers. "I came here to support the drivers. I ask them if their spirits are high and I also pass along good vibes" António mentioned. He also reinforced the "great list" of participants of this year's rally. 

In the middle of the queue, there were two friends who were chatting away. " I come to see the rally ever since I was little. The cars, the adrenaline, the people... it is the mix", said Sílvia Carriço, one of the friends. She also added that she used to see the rally at Terreiro da Luta and Ponta do Sol. "This is the first time that I come to the Meet and Greet, and I brought a friend of mine from the mainland. Just like me, she enjoys this type of sports. I have been waiting to come here for the last 20 years" she confessed. 

Her friends, Eduarda Camacho, who is originally from Lisbon, confirmed that she "enjoyed sports, including the Rali Vinho da Madeira" and had already seen it before. "I like the dynamics and how compelling it is", she said excitedly. 

There was still a significant amount of people around 11 pm, which only shows how Rali Vinho Madeira is cherished!