Nobody can be indifferent to the Rally!

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Nobody can be indifferent to the Rally!


It was twelve o'clock on the dot when the ferry with the last cars was arriving at Funchal's port. Many people had come from all sorts of walks of life to see the arrival bearing the extreme heat. 
Many of whom purposefully take some time off work to go see the rally and support their favourite drivers. 

Carlos Freitas did that. "Every year I take some time off work to go see the rally - it is a religious ritual for me" he confessed gazing at the sea. 

"I love automobile sports", on Monday he was at Caniçal photographing the other cars that had arrived previously. "From July on, I have been every Wednesday", he added.

António Rodrigues also had his day off work today. He came to the port of Funchal to follow the latest arrival of cars. " Back then all the cars would here to this area at the port of Funchal" he remembered with a hint of nostalgia. Duarte Bettencourt, another fan of the sport, also shared the same opinion. "I always go to see all the rallies in Madeira, without exception" he guaranteed. 

In the midst of these memories, it was time to gaze at the sea and follow the delivery of the very last rally car. As soon as the door opened, all eyes were on the Volcan de Tijarafe that brought safely to shore the cars. The tradition remains as the Madeiran people's passion for the automobile sport. Let the rally begin!