Basso continues to lead RVM with Alexandre Camacho right behind

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Basso continues to lead RVM with Alexandre Camacho right behind


Giandomenico Basso continues to lead the RVM 2017 at the end of the SS4 (Campo de Golf 2) and SS5 (Palheiro Ferreiro 2).

On SS4, the Madeiran Alexander Camacho led to stage (00:07:30,2), followed by João Silva (00:07:32,4) and Basso (00:07:40,5). This event has been marked by the withdrawal of Stephane Lefebvre due to a mechanical failure, when ran the stage of Santo da Serra. The car had some "problems in the gearbox and began smoking", and preferred to "stop to not worsen the situation," on arrival of the Service Park. The Frenchman confirmed that will run tomorrow Rally2 , since the problem is recoverable.

As for the SS5, Basso won, by completing the race in 00:12:08,6, Miguel Nunes came second (00:12:14,2), Miguel Campos third (.9 00:12:23) and Alexander Camacho in fourth place (00:12:23 .9).

In General, the Italian, Giandomenico Basso leads (00:41:39 .0), but Alexander Camacho is right behind him (00:41:47 .3) followed bythe other Madeira, Miguel Nunes (00:42:01 .3).

"I'm very happy, we've been very fast," said Basso upon arrival to Service Park, who confessed he doesn't have much experience in wet conditions, but we are pleased with our efforts so far.  "We a modifying the car to fit my style of driving" he explained

Alexandre Camacho is very cautious regarding the upcoming stages, noting that we will wait and see the exchange of leadership of the event between the madeiran and Basso.

As to the retirements, we have registered: Stephane Lefebvre (mechanical breakdown), Chewon Lim (mechanical breakdown), Cristobal Garcia (off the road), Paulo Neto (mechanical breakdown), Bakkenes Henk (mechanical breakdown), Francisco Abreu (off road), Alexandre Mata (off the road) e Artur Quintal (off the road).