An event which gathers together people of all ages

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An event which gathers together people of all ages


And once again another success: hundreds of rally enthusiasts participated in the Rali Vinho Madeira autograph session, at the Casino of Madeira, where 50 star teams attended. The time to wrap up the occasion was supposed be at 23:00 hours, however many adults, youth and children patiently waited for an autograph, thus demonstrating the interest this motorsport modality enlivens for fans of all ages.

Carlos Camacho, Funchal, arrived before the 19:00 hours to secure a good place in line for the autograph session. He was so determined that he was first in line. "I come here every year, I really like the rally, and always attend this event with my family," he explained. Carlos Camacho roots for the local Madeiran drivers, which is why his favorite driver, both in the race to sign an autograph and for a victory in this Rali Vinho Madeira, is Alexander Camacho. "I have faith that he will win," he said, challenging the tiredness from the love for this kind of sport.

Bruno Valente, last year was first in line; nevertheless tardiness in leaving work made it difficult to repeat the same feat. However, inspite of being in the middle of a long lineup, he was not discouraged. "I usually come every year and always bring a t-shirt for them to sign," he explained. This year, besides the traditional t-shirt, has also led a miniature car of Giandomenico Basso for the Italian driver to sign. "Last year brought two cars, he signed and I have at home as a souvenir," he continued. Needless it is hard to say who will win. However, the people from Madeira, have their preferences on Miguel Nunes. "I think, a Madeiran, deserves to win," he pleaded.

On Friday afternoon and Saturday are guaranteed that Bruno Vasconcelos will see the rally in Valencia road. "At other times, I will be at work with the radio on the sly so that the boss doesn't see," he joked.

And to prove that the rally moves fans of all ages, Diogo Sousa and Rodrigo Rodrigues, of 13 and 14 years, respectively, two friends, 1:30 arrived earlier for this session. "One day I'd like to try riding in a rally car, like all who are present, but my favorite is the Bruno Magalhães, but this year he won’t come" stressed Rodrigo Rodrigues.

There were moments of conviviality, of animation that lasted far beyond the 23 hours, living proof that the Rali Vinho Madeira has a special place in the hearts of the locals and motorsport enthusiasts.