Miguel Nunes dethrones Basso

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Miguel Nunes dethrones Basso


The Madeiran driver, Miguel Nunes, started push hard from the 4th Section on of  Rali Vinho Madeira, wining every stage and everyone in SS6 (Santana 1) with a time of 00:07:16,5. "I've got more confidence in the stages, made a tweak  to handle the rain," explained at the end of the stage.

In second place was John Silva (00:07:23,4), followed by Giandomenico Basso (00:07:27,2) and Alexander Camacho (00:07:30,08). After this stage, the leader was still in first place, with Basso followed by Miguel Nunes and Alexander Camacho.

In SS7 (Ribeiro Frio 1), Miguel Nunes/João Paulo Fernandes returned to the lead with a time (00:04:30,4), ahead of Alexander Camacho/Pedro Calado (00:04:36,1) and Giandomenico Basso/Lorenzo Granai (00:04:36,7), both both being always very close to each other. In the end, Basso maintained the lead, Miguel Nunes was in second place and Alexander Camacho was in third.

SS8 (Santana 2) was the turning point, with a new leader in the standings, the Madeiran Miguel Nunes. After winning this stage again, Miguel Nunes pointed overal classification leader (1:00:50,6), Basso in second (1:00:51.2) and Alexander Camacho at 3rd position (1:00:57,1)

SS9 9 (Ribeiro Frio 2) was marked by the accident of #9 car - Joaquim Alves. The stage was interrupted. The fact that the driver be pinned inside the car, the co-drivert activated the SOS, and Joaquim Alves was attended on site. Due to this incident, an alternative route was decided and drivers would regroup afterwards in the Service Park.

With this situation, it was necessary that Rally Control Center take a decision as to the time attribution, since Miguel Nunes and António Nunes indicated they stopped to attend to the fellow competitor. Rally Control decided to assign different times, following the criterion of not altering the standings at that point and fairly keep the sporting spirit. The time assigned to Miguel Nunes was the same  as Alexander Camacho did in this stage (00:04:34,1), maintaining the overall timing consistant,after this whole situation. Miguel Nunes continues to lead of Rali Vinho Madeira with a time of 1:05:24,7, with 3 seconds less than Basso (1:05:27,7). Alexander Camacho took the third position (1:05:31,2) and João Silva fourth position (1:05:53,1). Closing the Top 5 was the Portuguese Miguel Campos (1:06:37,6).