Another two retirements in RVM

The team Paulo Moreira / Marco Macedo left RVM due to mechanical problems, after SS 6 - Cidade de Santana 1.

Francisco Tavares / Luís Neves also join the retirements list, after an accident in SS 7 - Ribeiro Frio 1.

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Night stages come back to RVM

In the 56th edition of RVM the night stages are back, starting at 20:53, with three stages: Cidade de Santana 2, Ribeiro Frio 2 and Terreiro da Luta 2, a total of 28 kilometres and 120 metres.

At this time, in service park, everything...

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Problems in the cars of Vítor Ferro and Paulo Nunes in SS 6

Vítor Ferro retires due to mechanical problems in his Toyota Yaris, in SS 6 - Cidade de Santana 1.

In the same stage, the Citroen Saxo of Paulo Nunes had also mechanical problems and retired.

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Service Park SP/PA "D"

After doing five stages, the top drivers changed the tyres at the Serice Park. The choice was unanimous, with all the cars using the RK5 of the italian Pirelli, while those using Michelin took the M31. But there other works on the cars: José...

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Alexandre Camacho has a puncture in SS 6 - Cidade de Santana 1

Alexandre Camacho leaves the leadership of RVM losing more than one minute to the main rivals.

The madeiran driver did most of this stage with a puncture in his Citroen DS3 R5, that forced him to take more than eight minutes in Cidade de...

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Cars weighted in SP / PA “D”

At the entrance of SP / PA “D”, the Scrutineers, coordinated by Arlindo Cruz Silva, weighted all the R5, all the Porsches and all the RC4.

All the cars were found to be in accordance with the rules.

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António Ferreira has an accident in SS 5

António Ferreira, driving a Ford Escort RS Coswort, had an accident in SS 5 - Palheiro Ferreiro 2, and is out of RVM.

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Pedro Meireles: "I will not go on"

Pedro Meireles, who had problems with his Skoda Fabia R5 in SS 5 - Palheiro Ferreiro 2, is in Service Park with his team evaluating the car.

The portuguese driver explained the reason of his retirement in RVM 2015.

"Going to...

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