André Silva retires

The team André Silva / Adriana Neves, in Citroen C2 R2, retires before Special Stage 2 - Palheiro Ferreiro 1 - due to mechanical problems.

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Service Park SP/PA "B"

Today's first Service Park of Rali Vinho Madeira was marked by the tyres choice, having in mind the changing weather.

Most of the top drivers changed their tyres: Those with Pirelli chose the new RK5 DUR of the italian brand. Talking to...

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Service Park open to the public

On the second day of Rali Vinho Madeira (RVM), the cars leave Parc Ferme, in CIFEC, at 10:32 and reach Service Park at 10:41.

This year, service park is set up in Funchal harbour, and is open to the public as usual. All the fans will have...

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Gil Freitas goes on

Gil Freitas, one of the unlucky ones of Avenida do Mar super stage, will remain in the competition.

The staff was able to repair the Porsche 997 GT3 and the team Gil Freitas / Duarte Miranda will go to today's stages.

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Hard work around Gil Freitas' Porsche in SP

The staff is working hard to repair the damages caused by the accident in Avenida da Mar, in the Porsche 997 GT3 of Gil Freitas.

"Next to Empresa da Eletricidade da Madeira there is a small bump we were not able to notice in the...

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João Barros: "The car is good, is competitive and we are in the fight"

In, João Barros finished with the fourth best time (1:45.3), among the drivers with FIA homologation, taking part in thr European Rally Trophy. "It is good tho start on the right foot. This shows the car is good and competitive and we are in the...

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Ricardo Moura: "We did the best time among national championship drivers"

The third fastest of the opening stage of Rali Vinho Madeira 2015 was Ricardo Moura (1:44.8).

"All was normal. I had a few indecisions, mainly with the brakes, but we fulfilled our goals, as we did the best time among the National...

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Bruno Magalhães: "I was not expecting to do such a good time"

Bruno Magalhães did the second best time in Avenida do Mar super stage (1:44.2).

"The car was sliding away, I made some mistakes and, honestly, I was not expecting to do such a good time", aknowledged the portuguese driver when entering...

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