Notes on the Service Park SP/PA "H"

All the Porsches and R5 cars were weighted at the entrance of Service Park. The Service Park was used by the leading teams to change the tyres and improve some settings in the cars having in mind the last stages.

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Diogo Camacho and Ivo Sardinha out of RVM

The drivers Diogo Camacho and Ivo Sardinha are no longer competing.

The first retirements of the afternoon are caused by mechanical problems in the Toyota Yaris and Citroen Saxo Cup.

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Bruno Magalhães first appearance in Madeira 16 years ago

Augusto Magalhães, Bruno Magalhães' father, supports his son at Service Park

A victory in 2015 edition of Rali Vinho Madeira (RVM) would have a special taste for Bruno Magalhães. On this date 16 years ago was the first appearance of the...

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Declarations in SP / PA "H"

Bruno Magalhães. “Nothing is decided. We started well today, even with some risks. As we have some advantage now, we don't have to risk as much.”

Miguel Nunes: “We will try to get the first place. It is not easy, as Bruno Magalhães is...

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Bruno Magalhães is a more distant leader

After 4 stages this morning, Bruno Magalhães leads and increases his advantage to Miguel Nunes.

Magalhães started the day in third place, but did not lose time and swept the madeiran away from the leadership, leaving him in second place,...

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Alexandre Camacho wins in Ponta do Pargo

The madeiran driver Alexandre Camacho keeps his very fast pace, winning SS 14 Ponta do Pargo 1, with 7:55.0, a time that allows him to overtake João Barros for the fourth place.

Bruno Magalhães (7:50.9), Miguel Nunes (7:52.7) e José Pedro...

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Carlos Vieira and Rui Conceição retire due to mechanical problems

The team Carlos Vieira / Luís Ramalho retired, with mechanical problems in his Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2010, during SS 13 - Ponta do Sol 1.

Rui Conceição / Roberto Fernandes retired before CH 13, also due to mechanical problems in their Ford...

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Carlos Martins out of RVM: "I am sorry I was not able to finish the race"

Carlos Martins finished yesterday the second day of RVM in the tenth place, but this morning bad luck knocked at his door and the driver is out of the race.

"The transmission broke inside the stage", explained Carlos Martins to RVM site...

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