000, 00 and 0 Teams Defined

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000, 00 and 0 Teams Defined


It is now known who will be driving the zero cars.  Car ' 0 ' will have Mario Oliveira as a driver and co-driver, as Nuno Teixeira in a Ford Escort MK2.

Car  ' 00 ' will be crewed by Paulo Domingos and Pedro Rodrigues (Peugeot 208) and ' 000 ' by Jose Romero and Mariana Pereira (Toyota Starlet).

The sweep car will be driven by Michel Beautiful.

Please note that, before a competition car enters a stage, several vehicles follow the route to ensure safety and conformity of the stage. After the road is closed, the first car entering the route is the Polica vehicle to see if the traffic and safety posts are in place. After,  the timing car does the final preparation of the timing controls.

The Car equipped with a loud speaker system will be playing a safety message to the public, warning that the rally be about to start, and provide safety instructions to everyone on the route.

Of the zero cars, the first going through is the ' 000 ', 30 minutes before start the stage, in order  to verify the trajectory and if people are placed in safe zones.

Car ' 00 ' departs 20 minutes before the first competitor.  This is a second alert by the Organization, in order to know if people are well positioned.

Car ' 0 ' departs 10 minutes before the first competitor and gives final OK to the organization. This vehicle will pass with some speed and informs if all posts are ready and, if there is any anomaly, it is resolved immediately.