Tempestini quer voltar ao RVM


The Romanian Simone Tempestini came to participate for the first time in RVM and became a fan, admitting that he'd like to come back.

"It was a good rally for us, we worked hard, today we wanted to increase the pace and we are pleased with the result," confessed Tempestini upon arrival to Service Park and after confirming he came in fifth place overall.

Service Park Full of Fans


Rali Vinho Madeira motivates a vast number of people to head out to the route to watch the cars pass, however there are those who prefer look at the cars up close whatching the race of the teams trying to fix and tune the rally car ready to get back  to the stages. For this reason, the Service Park at the Praça do Mar has registered a notable movement of fans this morning, curious and apreciating the teams and and the vehicles in this edition of RVM.

Artur Quintal looses control of the vehicle on SS1 Avenida do Mar - CINM


Arthur Quintal/Ricardo Abreu lost control on SS1 Avenida do Mar - CINM. The driver is well, but the co-driver was attended at the scene by EMS, and transported to the Hospital, as a precaution.

The race has  resumed after being halted for safety reasons.

The swift intervention of the safety measures in effect by the RVM Organization to resolve this incident was praised.



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