Autograph Session Extended To All RVM Competitors

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Autograph Session Extended To All RVM Competitors

Considering the great interest shown by several teams to participate in the session of Autographs, the Organizing Committee of the Rali Vinho da Madeira decided to invite all the teams in the competition to participate in the event.

This after contacting the Casino da Madeira and obtain the necessary space so that everyone can have a presence in the autograph session.

Thus, based on the criterion already released, a selection of competitors will display their car at the Casino of Madeira. The remaining teams were invited to participate in the initiative, however, without the respective vehicle, due to space constraints.

The Organization considers that, in this way, the event meets all the conditions to make this autograph session even more enjoyable, both for the competitors and for motorsport enthusiasts, usually coming in large numbers to the Casino of Madeira to interact with drivers and co-drivers, without losing the opportunity to closely observe the cars on display.

The Autograph Session will take place on the 1st of August at the Madeira of Casino, from 21:30 hours until 23:00 hours. Soon will be able to disclose which teams will be present at the event.