From Car "zero" to number 33

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From Car "zero" to number 33

dsc06453.jpgA year later, the dream came true. Francisco Abreu went from driving car "zero" to competitor number 33 in this RVM, aboard a Peugeot 208. “We now go with a real number, another focus, another perspective, but, in the background, with the same objectives that will gaining experience with the car and understand how it all works, "he said.

The young driver, champion and Vice-Champion of National Speed Championship, guaranteed start slowly, step by step, to discover critical points of route. I know that, eventually, if the event is running, we'll be well classified, however, until then, it is a process of waiting and patience ", he explained, because this type of event has nothing to do with those that are used in the National Speed Championship.

"Driving at 100% here has its own consequences because, if we fail 1%, the result can be much worse and we could end the event prematurely," he said.  So  with "proper management" we´ll keep the rhythm of the race.

Francisco Abreu also confessed that the entry list this year is " exceptional, both in the R5 group and in the R2 class". "We expect a fantastic rally, with a lot of emotion, and the spectacular characteristics of this event”, he finished.