Collaboration is the obvious key for the realization and success of this event

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Collaboration is the obvious key for the realization and success of this event


 In this edition, and for the first time, the special stage at Avenida do Mar, which happens tomorrow afternoon, takes a different name, Special Stage Avenida do Mar - International Business Center of Madeira. To the President of the Society for the Development of Madeira (SDM), Francisco Costa, this naming association comes up naturally given the long-standing partnership and for sharing the goal of promoting, Madeira Island, internationally.

"From its conception, SDM, is responsible for the development and promotion of CINM, interacts with international markets and often corroborates the need and the importance of promoting effectively the name of our archipelago", he says, and emphasizes that "over the past few decades, the Rali Vinho Madeira has added a vast promotional brand image of Madeira Island, an important attraction in the motorsports field, contributing widely to the promotion of the Island".

"From the perspective of the SDM, collaborating for the realization and the success of the event has been a natural option, such that, in the framework of a long-standing partnership maintained with RVM organization, it was possible to achieve this year the name association with the International Business Center of Madeira to the brand the SS “Avenida do Mar”, he explains.

 "It is our belief that the RVM will continue to contribute to the international promotion of Madeira Island and to the bigger and better exposure of the brand name, as it has done to date, and maintain unequivocally clear common the goals with all, as with SDM, have an integral responsibility for the international promotion of its Autonomous Region ", he finished.