More than 30 teams picked up their material at Tecnopolo

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More than 30 teams picked up their material at Tecnopolo


During the first day reserved for picking up materials, 36 teams have dropped by Tecnopolo to pick up their parts the materials for this years edition of Rali Vinho da Madeira.

Most were regional competitors however some national drivers from continental Portugal decided to drop by the Rally HQ  to pick up their stuff.


As an example, we had the presence of the continental duo Paulo Neto/Vítor Hugo, the Madeirans João Silva/Rui Rodrigues, Diogo Soares/Luís Rodrigues, Isabel Ramos/Rubina Gonçalves. For some teams, it was the do-drivers who picked up the materials as happened with Pedro Calado, co-driver of Alexandre Camacho, and Jorge Henriques (João Barros).

During the process, teams had the opportunity to pick up their necessary materials for the event, which includes documentation, program, schedules, itinerary, sets of maps, car plates, and sponsor advertising stickers. 

Foreign teams begin to arrive in Madeira starting this Sunday.  

Pickup of materials continues tomorrow, between 15H00 and 18H00, at Madeira Tecnopolo (Piso -1).