Pedro Calado Promises To Fight To Win RVM From The Start

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Pedro Calado Promises To Fight To Win RVM From The Start

alexandre_pedro.jpgFoto Facebook - Team Vespas

The leaders of the Rally Coral Madeira Championship, Alexander Camacho and Pedro Calado plan to run at a strong pace during this rally to reach first place, advanced the co-driver, who is preparing to retire from rallying after this event.

"The expectations for this RVM is to be top three and try to fight for a first place victory in the rally," confessed Pedro Calado, recalling that, for the past three years they have been always has a podium finish. "This year we are better prepared, we're psyched to do a little better to strive to reach the first place," he said, stressing, however, that "the competition is very evident and very strong".

"There are very good drivers here, which is a good sign, as it also motivates us to strive further.  The feeling in the team is very positive, everyone is motivated and we also, Alexander and I, feel that we are prepared very strongly psychologically, with a lot of yearning and a lot of determination to try to reach the pinnacle of first place ", he said, confident.

Pedro Calado had already announced that this will be his last RVM fruit of the new the position in the direction of the FPAK, so the sense of farewell is about to happen. "Rallies have always been part of my life, I've always liked them a lot," he began by saying, with some excitement. "Like everything in life, we need to learn to start and to finish, and today I've realised that this will be the last RVM and last Championship which I do, after all, exercising the functions of Director of the FPAK also, I thought it wouldn't be good to be in executive functions in the direction of the Federation and be a driver at the same time," he explained.