Rally Cars on the way to RVM

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Rally Cars on the way to RVM

Before the drivers and, especially the rally vehicles arrive in Madeira, there is a long trek to make.  It all starts with the teams leaving their place of origin in good time.

For example, Giandomenico Basso - BRC  left Italy by land on Wednesday,  on a convoy which included a 12m truck, with the rally car, the Hyundai R5, inside.  At the end of the day, Basso and his team should reach Lisbon next Friday, July 28, to embark onto the cargo ship, Funchalense 5, which is transporting, in one trip, the vehicles from the National and International participants in the 58th edition of RVM

Most of the teams from continental Portugal prefer to embark in the port of Leixões. Embarkation on Funchalense 5 from Oporto will take place on Friday morning, then proceeds to Lisbon for Saturday morning, where the teams that opted for loading from the capital, embark. The journey continues, then, to Madeira and the arrival at the port of Caniçal scheduled for Monday, July 31st.

Stefan Göttig is also on his way to Lisbon.  He left on Tuesday heading towards the Portuguese capital to also embark on Saturday morning.  They are coming with a 10-meter long truck, with their Skoda Fabia R5 and all associated material inside. 

The RMC Service Vehicles will arrive earlier.

mnunes.jpgFoto Facebook Miguel Nunes

Who took the option of anticipating the transport were brothers Miguel and António Nunes, the Spaniard Cristobal Garcia and Argentine Juan Carlos Alonso. Their cars, which will have assistance from RMC, come on board the ship Laura S, which left Lisbon on Tuesday afternoon.

Disembarkation will take place on Friday, at the port of Caniçal.

mnunes2.jpgFoto Facebook Miguel Nunes