From South Korea throughout the world, with a stop in Madeira

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From South Korea throughout the world, with a stop in Madeira


Chewon Lim lives in Germany now, however, he has Korean nationality. He, therefore, the furthest representative present at the Rali Vinho da Madeira.

"I'm here because the event is part of the European Rally Tour and my aim is to score as many points as possible," started Chewon conclusively, in order to after talking about a possible future entry with Hyundai Motorsport. "It's a beautiful story [which brought me here]! In 2015 there was a competition in Korea to select a Korean rally driver ... I signed up and I ended up winning the contest. The winner was awarded a 2-year contract with Hyundai Motorsport and here I am! I acquired a huge passion for this sport and my goal is to renew the contract. I'm working hard in order for everything to run smoothly and to be better every day, "expressed bluntly.

Chewon Lim, who "only had circuit racing experience", debuted in rallying last year, and is now on his 7th event already.

Even if reduced, the rally circuit he is doing now gives him "a chance to discover some places I'd never been, as is the case of Madeira".  Although, in his opinion, there is not much time "to get to know" because I am "very focused on adapting" my driving to this new experience.