Stéphane Lefebvre leads the list of 61 competitors at RVM

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Stéphane Lefebvre leads the list of 61 competitors at RVM


The final numbered list of entrants for the 58 Edition of the Rali Vinho Madeira (RVM) was released today. The Frenchman, Stephane Lefebvre, leads the list with the number 1 door plate, behind the wheel of a Citroen DS3 R5, followed by Simone Tempestini (Citroen DS3 R5) and Giandomenico Basso (Hyundai R5). The first Portuguese to emerge on the list is John Barros, with the number 4 (Ford Fiesta R5), the runner-up of the National Rally Championship, followed by after the first Madeira, Alexander Camacho (No. 5, with a Peugeot 208 R5), the current leader of the regional championship.

The definitive list of members was presented today at the Madeira Tecnopolo, headquarters of the RVM. As usual, the event has two lists, one with FIA homologated vehicles (41 cars) and another with the National Championship Rally drivers and Coral da Madeira Rally Championship (20 cars). These lists have undergone a slight change, with the withdrawal of the driver Carlos Martins by FIA, since the car that he was planning to bring to RVM, a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X, does not comply with the FIA homologation.

You can access the entry list at the link below:

The President of the RVM Organizing Committee, Paulo Fontes, also said that the autograph session, scheduled for the 1st of August, at the Madeira Casino, will not accommodate all drivers and vehicles for logistical reasons.  The selection criterion was established to take vehicles representing the various classes. Please note that the autograph session is mandatory for FIA and National (ASN) Priority drivers.