Tempestini quer voltar ao RVM

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Tempestini quer voltar ao RVM


The Romanian Simone Tempestini came to participate for the first time in RVM and became a fan, admitting that he'd like to come back.

"It was a good rally for us, we worked hard, today we wanted to increase the pace and we are pleased with the result," confessed Tempestini upon arrival to Service Park and after confirming he came in fifth place overall.

When he arrived in Madeira, he confessed he had come here previously, ten years ago, to see the rally and had enjoyed it, especially the passion with which people live this event here. "The first time I came as a spectator, but this could see the evidence as they are and the spectators still in love for this rally," he said. "I really want to come back here because it is a rally that I like," confessed, in the end.