Unique Female Duo Confident for a Good Rally

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Unique Female Duo Confident for a Good Rally


Isabel Ramos and Rubina Gonçalves are the only female duo in RVM, who are veterans in competing in this event, with great pride and without any inhibition to competition.

For this rally, Isabel Ramos advances that "expectations are good," fruit of the new car they will debut, the Renault Clio RC3. "RVM is always the crowning event that we aim to make every year and it is important", guarantees Isabel, stressing that it is very "satisfied with the car". "We will try to run the event as best possible in our class and do a fine rally," she added.

Isabel Ramos, who debuted in RVM in 2002, confesses that she always made a point of performing with a female co-driver and, in your opinion, there is lack more women's doubles in the regional championship. "We would like there to be more female only teams because the fight would be a lot more fun, but with no more female only teams, we fight in the RC3 class which is what interests us," she says. For being women, they feel they receive "a bit more affection" by the public.

Rubina Gonçalves agrees with her teammate. "It's always a duo female team, people have a special admiration for being so and we feel that throughout the rally, it's always good," she emphasizes.