Rali Vinho Madeira is "one of the best asphalt rallies in Europe"

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Rali Vinho Madeira is "one of the best asphalt rallies in Europe"

jpfontes.jpgFoto Facebook José Pedro Fontes

"It's tough to see this rally from the outside." It is in this way that the winner of last year's Edition of the RVM, José Pedro Fontes, reacts to his forced absence from this event, due of a serious accident that he suffered in May of this year during the second special stage of the Rally of Portugal, in the first few meters of the special stage of Viana do Castelo, and from which is still recovering.

It is always a pleasure to come to Madeira, but it is very difficult to not be able to participate in this event that is, without a doubt, one of the events that I most like", he confessed. "Unfortunately it happened, it is part of the rallying, I see it in a very natural way, but I'm here in a different capacity, to accompany my team which has a large presence here", he continued, referring to Citroen and Stephane Lefebvre who is driving his car. "My car will be driven by a World Championship driver, something that makes us very proud", he said.

José Pedro Fontes said that he has helped Lefebvre when the French driver has issues related to the rally and the roads, weather, tire wear, among other more technical details. "I think it's great for the rally to have a driver who is active in the rally world in an official team like Citroen. "It's fantastic for the National Championship and it's fantastic for our team to have the privilege of having a World Championship driver, driving one of our cars", he pointed it out.

Regarding the vast list of competitors of this edition, the driver said that it is already "the expected for Madeira". "It is very good to have renowned international drivers again", he said, adding that "little by little the rally is coming back to the place it deserves in the European rally scene." "I consider it one of the best rallies in Europe on asphalt and then there is something that is unique, the passion that Madeira Island has for rally; its cars and its stars", he finished.