Tempestini highlights "passion" lived in RVM

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Tempestini highlights "passion" lived in RVM


Although it is the first in terms of competition, it is not the first time that Simone Tempestini, Junior WRC Champion and WRC3, is in Madeira. About 10 years ago I came here to watch and follow the Rali Vinho Madeira. "I truly like this event, so when the opportunity arouse to come here, I was very happy," he confessed.

Although preferring driving on dirt rather than on asphalt, the driver, who will be aboard a Citroen DS3 R5 with Giovanni Bernacchini as co-driver, he mentioned that, since the last time I competed, started to appreciate more and more of the hard surface . "The event will be completely novel to me, so right now, my goal is to run it as fast as I can," he said, ensuring that he would only talk about expectations after first doing the reconnaissnce.

The Romanian born in Italy pointed out that, despite not knowing the stages, knows very well the passion that local and foreign drivers endear this event. "I know there's a lot of passion in this rally, many spectators along the stages and a fantastic atmosphere, I remember the rally that saw ten years ago and now, maybe even more," he stressed.